Couture Academy is Live! First Course: the Custom Couture Cocktail Hat

Friends, here's a snapshot of Vogue 8868, view E, with my own modifications. I'm using this particular pattern to teach some basic millinery techniques, specifically:

  • how to make a petersham sweatband 
  • how to apply hatband elastic
  • use buckram for your base

These are some basic millinery techniques I picked while taking classes at the School of the Art Institute. These techniques are not addressed at all in the Vogue pattern but I consider them critical. For example, a petersham sweatband will keep make up and sweat off of your hat. An elastic hatband is much more sturdy than the barrettes and clips recommended in the pattern. Finally, the buckram is the sturdy building block for your couture hat. 

So how does Couture Academy work? It's a subscription-based model, so you'll pay monthly for exclusive videos. Here is an FAQ for any questions. You might have. I will upload how-to videos for other kinds of projects: dresses, tops, skirts and other accessories. At $13.99/month, you'll be getting multiple courses over 12 months for the cost of one course. Such a steal. Sign up here.


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