Mid Century Modern Homes on the Market: Richard Neutra, Living in Bob Rummer and more


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2019 will be a great year for Mid Century Modern homes on the market. While those in Palm Springs and Hollywood tend to generate the most news, $ and make headlines, there are plenty of overlooked gems particularly in the Mid West.  

  • Richard Neutra isn't known for homes in the Mid West, but rather the West Coast. Here are some homes he designed have been in the news lately. First, there's the San Francisco house that was demolished the city demanded be rebuilt, now there's this 1956 Hollywood House - documented by famed photographer Julius Shulman - that's looking for a buyer. The twist? Buyers must either be content to live in the house or relocate it elsewhere. The residence cannot be demolished.
  • Here's a beautiful 1959 Houston home that's on the market. It's got a pink bathroom, an original stove in the kitchen, the kind of details only a Mid Century Modern aficionado would love. Plus, it's never flooded. 
  • An easy walk into the downtown, a round pool and the same owners since 1973 make this Palm Springs Mid Century Modern residence easy to love. The round pool and the orange decor in the kitchen make the property especially enticing. 
  • Owning a 1960s or 1970s Bob Rummer home in Oregon is a big deal. Some original owners now have their children living in these unique dwellings. When the dwelings come on the market, they tend to get snapped up quickly. Take a look at these pictures to see why. 

That's it for now. Got a Mid Century Modern house with a story to tell? Vintage exterior and interior images are especially compelling. Contact me if you would like to be featured on my podcast (launching in a few weeks) or on the blog. 




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