Typewriter Daily: GoFundMe page for Amherst, Mass. Repairman, Olivetti Girls, IBM Selectric


 It's no secret that typewriter repair shops are hard to find. You'll need to Google before you go out. Here's a good resource. Hint: most computer repair shops also fix typewriters - for a price. Some will even sell or rent you a typewriter. I have a soft spot for those rare shops that deal nearly exclusively with typewriters. Robert Green's shop is one such store well loved by locals. He needs financial assistance as his wife Dorothy is in the hospital. If you can spare some $, please donate to this page.

Here's some other typewriter stuff I found on the Internet: 

  • Olivetti Girl ads are politically incorrect but fun to look at. I love this crochet garments the "girls' are wearing in this ad. And did you know Joe Namath was an "Olivetti Girl"? Actor and collector Tom Hanks, I'm sure, would volunteer to be one but his fans might not like it. 
  • Funny story about the IBM Selectric typewriter. Is it true? Who knows. 
  • Portraits created on an Imperial typewriter. Remind me of the traditional Wall Street Journal portraits created with ink and a pen. 

 That's it for now, friends. Go type out a great day!  


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