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 Welcome to my website, midcenturymoderne (the extra e is mine). My site (mid century modern with an extra e) will be largely devoted to all design-related aspects of the Mid Century Modern era, which runs roughly from about 1945 to 1975. I will be writing about fashions, home decor, buildings (commercial and residential) during that era. It's one of my most favorite eras largely because it wasn't all that long ago. 

That's not all. Looking from the vantage point of 2018, the Mid Century Modern era seems relatively peaceful. Mass shootings were not rampant, children played in the alley. People still talked to each other (stay-at-home moms talked over the fence. Really) You had to pick up the phone to talk to others. There was no texting. Personal computers were none existent. You typed on typewriters for school, work, personal correspondence. 

The emphasis on the personal is one reason why typewriters have really appealed to me. (Yes, I'm aware Tom Hanks collects them.) Social media these days isn't really all that social. Typewriters gives me a chance to communicate with others in a tangible, creative way. Most often, these typewriters are interesting design-wise. The keyboard above is from my Montgomery-Ward Signature 440 with a script typeface. Yes, a cursive typeface. See my signature below for the typeface. 

Before I sign off, please be sure to check out Couture Academy, an online subscription-only membership section of midcenturymoderne devoted to customizing your garments and accessories with couture hand-sewn or machine-sewn touches. I'll be adding content, videos in the weeks and months to come. 




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