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A blog dedicated to the The Mid Century Modern era, approximately 1945-1975. Posts will feature real estate (residential and commercial) designs, fashion and furnishings from that era. Couture Academy projects will be highlighted at least once a month if not more. Enjoy! 

New on Couture Academy: Jazzing Up Your Garments With Bias Binding


Friends, my latest course in the subscriber-only Couture Academy is "Jazz Up Your Garments with Bias Binding." I used Butterick 5473 for my bias binding - interesting because this garment called for facing. I did my own thing with bias binding instead - and it looks great.  I got the floral fabric from Vogue Fabrics, Evanston, Ill.

In this month's technique focus you get to learn how to apply bias binding and embellish it with decorative stitching. The course inside Couture Academy includes videos and at least one PDF. I will likely update this course as I stitch up other garments with bias binding. 

Studies show people feel more satisfied with their sewing projects when they apply their own decorative touches. Let one of those people be you. Here's the link for the subscriber-only Couture Academy - you'll see pictures, how-to videos you won't see elsewhere. It's such a steal because you get multiple course for the price of one. 

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