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A blog dedicated to the The Mid Century Modern era, approximately 1945-1975. Posts will feature real estate (residential and commercial) designs, fashion and furnishings from that era. Couture Academy projects will be highlighted at least once a month if not more. Enjoy! 

MCM Weekly: 1952 BurdaStyle Blouse pattern, the iconic Platner Chair, A Silicon Valley Eichler

Courtesy: Burda Style

Less you think I'm just about MidCentury Modern homes, you couldn't be more wrong.

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New on Couture Academy: Jazzing Up Your Garments With Bias Binding


Friends, my latest course in the subscriber-only Couture Academy is "Jazz Up Your Garments with Bias Binding." I used Butterick 5473 for my bias binding - interesting because this garment called for facing. I did my own thing with bias binding instead - and it looks great.  I got the floral fabric from Vogue Fabrics, Evanston, Ill.

In this month's technique focus you get to learn how to apply bias binding and embellish it with decorative stitching. The course inside Couture Academy includes videos and at least one PDF. I will likely update this course as I stitch up other garments with bias binding. 

Studies show people feel more satisfied with their sewing projects when they apply their own decorative touches. Let one of those people be you. Here's the link for the subscriber-only Couture Academy - you'll see pictures, how-to videos you won't see elsewhere. It's such a steal because you get multiple course for the price of one. 

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Sneak Peek: Couture Academy: Adding Bias Tape for the Glamorous Touch

If you haven't had a chance to check out Couture Academy, you'll want to soon as upload videos related to bias tape, the overlooked darling of couture sewing. Bias tape is often associated with little girl dresses, aprons, totes, backpacks...but with just the right bias tape it can elevate your sewing from mundane to marvelous. 

How to choose the right bias tape? Figure out what kind of look you're seeking. If you're after night hotness, select a trim that shiny and/or metallic. But you can't go wrong with using leather or a faux leather bias tape (most often found in the high-end fabric stores). 

Bias tape is a great alternative when you're short on your main fashion fabric and you don't have enough for facings. Even if you've got plenty of fabric, it's still a snazzy choice. 

I use bias tape on my own rendition of Butterick B5473 designed by Connie Crawford (View B vest). Watch for it in the next week or so on Couture Academy.  The fabric and the black satin...

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Welcome to Mid Century Moderne!



 Welcome to my website, midcenturymoderne (the extra e is mine). My site (mid century modern with an extra e) will be largely devoted to all design-related aspects of the Mid Century Modern era, which runs roughly from about 1945 to 1975. I will be writing about fashions, home decor, buildings (commercial and residential) during that era. It's one of my most favorite eras largely because it wasn't all that long ago. 

That's not all. Looking from the vantage point of 2018, the Mid Century Modern era seems relatively peaceful. Mass shootings were not rampant, children played in the alley. People still talked to each other (stay-at-home moms talked over the fence. Really) You had to pick up the phone to talk to others. There was no texting. Personal computers were none existent. You typed on typewriters for school, work, personal correspondence. 

The emphasis on the personal is one reason why typewriters have really appealed to me. (Yes, I'm aware Tom...

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